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Vol. 4, Number 4-   Fall 2003

Quest is now distributed in PDF format. You will need to make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF reader installed before you will be able to read Quest in PDF format.

Download Quest 4.4

Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format, 3.5 megs. Please allow time for the complete 4 meg file to download, approximately 3 minutes with a DSL/Cable Modem connection, 12 minutes over a 56K modem.

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Diving the Red Sea
By E. Romano & C. Provenzani

Spain's First DIR Fundamentals Class
By I. Beades

DIR in Finland: Changing the Face of Diving, Diver Safety, and Diving Equipment
By D Jacobs

Dos Ojos Exploration: Pushing the Pit
By S. Jeckel

Groundwater Tracing in the Woodville Karst Plain, Part 1: An Overview of Groundwater Tracing
By T. Kincaid




Equipment & Training: Pushing the Boundaries of Underwater Lighting Technologies
C. Roberson

Environment: Understanding Population Structure and its Role in the "Extention Vortex"
T. Sawicki

Ecology: Finding Nemo... and Keeping Him
D.E.W. Fenner

Fitness & Physiology: Eight Weeks to DIR Fundamentals: A Guide to Passing the Fitness Test
C. L. Martz