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Vol. 5, Number 1-   Winter 2004

Quest is now distributed in PDF format. You will need to make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF reader installed before you will be able to read Quest in PDF format.

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Council’s Proposal Will Parch History, Heritage of N. Florida
By J. DeCarmine

Project “Himmelstürmer”
By A. R. Schlöffel

“Fire in the Sky”: The Tragedy of the Steamer Ocean Wave
By T. Irvine

Coastal Cave Exploration in Quintana Roo
By F. Devos & C. Le Maillot

UK Wreck Diving: Rediscovering a Golden Era
By J. Grogan




Equipment & Training: DUI’s TLS 350: The Exploration Suit of Choice
D. Sweetin

Environment: Fish from the Underwater Caves of Bodoquena Plateau, Mato Grosso do Sul, Southwestern Brazil
E. Costa Junior

Ecology: Coral Protection: Mooring Buoys and No-Anchor Zones
G. Blackmore, Ph.D

Fitness & Physiology: Physical Fitness and Diving
N. W. Pollock, Ph.D