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Vol. 8, Number 4 -  Fall 2007

Quest is now distributed in PDF format. You will need to make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF reader installed before you will be able to read Quest in PDF format.

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Exploring Tamakas Ecological Park
By A. Nava

Constant State of Readiness
By R. Correia

DIR and the Recreational Diver: "Plan the Dive,Dive the Plan"
By R.S. Dancey

DIR in the Great White North
By T. Irvine

From Russia, with Love
By K. Egorov




Equipment & Training:
Taking the Recreational Diver into the Technical Arena

D. Marshall

The Power of Connection: The WKPP’s Exploration of the Wakulla-Leon Sinks Cave System

T. Kincaid, Ph.D.

Principle and Context

D.E.W. Fenner, Ph.D.

Fitness & Physiology:
Developing and Testing Deterministic and Probabilistic Decompression Modes

D.J. Doolette, Ph.D